About Merissa

I grew up in a small town in the Pacific- Northwest with my younger brother, Derrick, and my mother, Charee.  I started to write fiction children’s stories at the age of seven years old and have had a passion for writing ever since. My favorite things to do are writing, of course, crocheting, drawing, embroidery and thinking up crazy ideas to make things more AWESOME!

When I was 17 years old, I entered a local poetry contest and won. My poem was published in a book created by the library, and passed around to libraries from the White Salmon Community Library to  The Vancouver Library in Washington state. From there, I continued to write, but it was not until late 2012 that I was published in a book of anthologies entitled “Trust Us; You’re Not the Worst Parent In the World.” I was the only one published who was not a parent, because I wrote a story from the perspective of me, a child.

On February 12, 2014, I released my very first children’s book geared toward second to fourth graders called “Kindergarten Mishaps; The Magic Teacher.”

I would really like to continue writing for children (even gaining some readership along the way).


5 thoughts on “About Merissa

  1. Good job on finishing your book 🙂 im also writing a child-targeted audience sci-fi book. Your book sounds fantasy with the ‘magic’ being in there; is it fantasy?

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