Cute Second Grader’s Take on “Today is Very Boring”- Jack Prelutsky

Must- See Second Graders Take On Today Is Very Boring!I was going through some of my keepsake boxes, and came across my first story journal from first or second grade. In it was several poems, but my favorite was my second- grade take on the poem “Today is Very Boring” by Jack Prelutsky. 

Today is Very Boring

Today is very boring.

It’s a very boring day.

There’s a thing- a- majiger on top of the house,

There’s a chicken who wiped mud in my mouth, 

There’s a purple- skinned caveman 

Standing in my room. 

Today is very boring. 

It’s a very boring day.

My teeth are very chattery. 

There’s a magician in my way

Doing really silly things,

At least, that’s what you would say.

There’s a talking cat in the Laundromat.

I think I’ll stay with Grandpa.

And that’s that! 

Today is very boring.

It’s a very boring day. 

This is the original poem read and illustrated by elementary school kids at Pukeokahu School.

*Read Jack’s version with your kids and then write your own, or draw a picture to illustrate the poem. Tweet me your illustrations with #BoringDayPoem!

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Here is Jack’s Website! I think it’s great, check it out!