Fun Back- To- School Printable Coloring Pages

School is starting soon. It’s time to prepare for all the fun and games school will bring. So here are four free back- to- school printable coloring pages for you and your children.

Rhyming/ Reading Book Find 10 rhyming words in the dictionary. Then, color this page.

Rhyming/ Reading Book Free Printable Coloring Sheet

ABC/123 Fun Tell your child all about the fun he can expect to have in Kindergarten, and then color this printable coloring page together.

ABC/123 Fun Printable Coloring Sheet

Nice To Meet You, Teacher Apple Help your child introduce himself t his new teacher by filling out and decorating this teachers apple. This is a great gift for the first day of school.

Nice To Meet You, Teacher Apple Printable Coloring Sheet

Old Fashion School House- Read about old school houses in books or on Mental Floss. Then, color this back to school printable coloring page.

Printable Old Fashion School House Coloring Sheet

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