UPDATE 10-30-14

You may have seen at the bottom of this page my anouncement that my free ebook “Lily C. Pancakes” would be available October 19th. You may also have noticed that I have been writing a lot more posts about things you can do with kids. Below is an update about how I am doing, and what I have been up to.

Free ebook
Several weeks ago, I went to Kindle to upload my free ebook, but I found that they do not allow free ebooks on Kindle for small press or self- publishing. I will be using a different company to publish. Unfortunately, the new company I will be using takes several weeks to create and format. That is why “Lily C. Pancakes” has not been released, yet. As soon as I know the release date, I will be posting again. Keep your eye open!

I started to look for a full time babysitting/nanny job about a month ago. I had only been looking for about three days when I was blessed with one. I changed the look and design of my website recently from being all about freelance writing and grammar to being about what I really love, which is kids. Babysitting nine hours a day gives a lot of time to take pictures of the things we do, but it does not give very much time for me to actually blog about it. But to me it’s worth it, because I am combining the two things I love most, writing and kids.

Contact me
I realize that I have not updated my “About Me” page,  or my “Contact” page. I wrote it quiet a long time ago, but did not realize that it the updates have not been published. I will do so as soon as I can.

Just as a quick reference, you can like me on facebook at http://facebook.com/merissawrites or you can email me at merissawrites@gmail.com Continue reading


“Lily C. Pancakes” the New FREE eBook Coming October 19th!

Watch out for this FREE eBook illustrated with the help of some local kids!
Watch out for this FREE eBook illustrated with the help of some local kids!

I am so pleased to announce my newest work of children’s fiction “Lily C. Pancakes” set to release on kindle October 19th! An eBook that is absolutely FREE to anyone. Whether you are young or old, “Lily C. Pancakes” is a fictional poem inspired by hamsters everywhere (especially mine)! It was beautifully illustrated with the help of Garret Connor (age 8) and Sophia Connor (age 7).

Lily C. Pancakes (the “C” stands for Chelsea, as decided by my friend Chelsea Lowe) is a spunky little hamster who loves to run, eat and laze around, just like most hamsters, but my hamster is also very mischievous. I do not know how she does it, but she has managed to escape her house, or “cage,” more times than I can count. Sometimes she even seems to be doing it just to annoy me. “Lily C. Pancakes is a short limerick poem about all those, oh so fateful, times that Lily has escaped the “evil clutches” of her house. Near the end of the book, you will find three short, bonus poems written by me and my younger brother about two years ago.

In February of this year, I released my first ever in- print children’s book called “Kindergarten Mishaps.” In the past few months, I have really enjoyed hearing all the “KM” supporters. To thank all of you, me and some very creative local kids, are pleased to announce my new FREE eBook, coming October 19th! For this eBook, I wanted to thank all of my supporters, you all mean the world to me, and are one of the reasons I keep writing. This eBook is special because not only is it free to anyone who wants it, and for anyone to share it, but it was nicely illustrated with the help of Garret (age 8) and Sophia (age 7). Between the three of us, we have worked to bring you nice illustrations for over 15 hours. Garret helped me for almost three hours on the first day!

I am so excited to announce this eBook because it was created with the inspiration of many close to me, and it was so beautifully illustrated with the help of two very talented kids. I hope to work with more kids like the two of them on many future stories to come!