The “Lost” Articles

meI wrote my entire blog post for yesterday on Friday, but it got deleted by accident. That is why there was no post on Monday, but don’t worry, There will be a post on Thursday. It is written and mostly ready. Until then, please check out some of my favorite posts on this website, and on some other sites I have recently guest blogged.

Lost Articles On This Blog

4 Reasons To Make Dinner Together

How I Organize My ‘Crafts For Kids’ Supplies

4 Science Questions A Sick Pet Opens For Preschoolers

Best On Moms Magazine

5 Summer Reading Books That Teach Diversity

What To Do When Your Child Informs You She Wants To Be Famous

Thanks for reading and participating in my blog! Be ready this coming Thursday for my next post all  about preschoolers, and their questions. 😀

-Merissa Hatch


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