More Updates? And Guest Blogging!

I have FINALLY gotten in the habit of remembering to post a blog every week. And now that I am doing that, I feel it is time to add yet another blogging challenge to my To- Do- List: guest blogging and Linky Parties!

Merissa Hatch Guest Blogs

Linky Party? What’s That?

A Linky Party is when a group of bloggers set up a time, place and subject to blog about and then they post what they have written all on one website. The goal is to network, meet new bloggers and encourage our own readers to read other similar blogs. This Friday, I plan to join my first party called “Five- Minute Friday.”

With the “Five- Minute Friday” Linky Party, one word will be posted on Then I will have five minutes to write a short story inspired by that one word. I am meant to “free write,” so they may not be the best stories I have ever written. But the goal is to have fun and be a better writer.

So every Friday, for one month, I will be posting a short story I wrote in five minutes to my blog. Click on the button if you want to learn more about “Five- Minute Friday.”

Guest Blogging. Oh My!

One of the best ways to be a better writer is to read things that are written better than you write. That is exactly what I have been doing with websites like Parents and Mom Magazine. But now I think it is time to be confident enough to put my work out there more. So in the next two months, I am going to work on several guest blog posts for some my favorite blogs to read.

So stay tuned this Friday for my first “Five- Minute Friday” Post.

CHALLENGE: Join the “Five- Minute Friday” Party! Don’t have a blog? That’s fine, just post your writing on the FMF facebook page. I would love to see all of my readers try this challenge at least one Friday, this month. When you do, be sure to send me a link via Facebook or Twitter so I can feature it on my site. Happy writing! 😀


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