Video In Reverse Directed With Help From Kids

In this tech- based, online world, I have found that it has become increasingly important for young children (4, 5, 6 and 7) to learn about computers. One fun way I like to teach kids about the computer is to let them direct their own films. This helps them:

  • learn to use the mouse better (fine motor skills)
  • be exposed to various computer terms
  • recognize certain words easily
  • teaches them how to problem solve

My church has a talent show and birthday party every year to celebrate everybody’s birthday. This year it was in mid- March. So I got some kids I babysit and my brother together to help me make a video to show at the talent show. I was not able to attend the show this year, but we finished the video anyway and decided to upload it here.

I also taught them each how to edit the video so it plays in reverse like that. Some of the clips are pretty cool!

Are your kids computer savvy? What do they like to do on the computer?

Post a link to a video that was created by your kids below, and you just might see it embedded on my site really soon!


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