For Smuff: “Smuff and Yuffling Have a Toilet Paper Fight”

Smuff and Yuffling Having Fun
This is me and Smuff the last time I saw her. 🙂

If you know me in person, you have probably heard me talk a lot about a little girl (now 9) who I call Smuff. I lived with her and helped take care of her for more than a year. While we were together, she was five, six and seven years old, and we spent a lot of time making crazy crafts and videos for YouTube. We also started writing and illustrating a series of short stories called the adventures of Smuff and Yuffling (I am Yuffling and she is Smuff). I also started to teach her the art of writing and animating a short cartoon.Below is a story we wrote together that was inspired by something we actually did!


Smuff and Yuffling Have a Toilet Paper Fight

Smuff is 6 years old, and she lives with her mommy and her daddy in a big city called Seattle, Washington. Smuff’s mommy and daddy both work all day long. One day, Mommy and Daddy told Smuff that she was getting a new babysitter named Yuffling, who would live in the house with her.

When Yuffling moved into Smuff’s house, Smuff felt scared, because she did not know her. One day, Smuff decided to see if Yuffling would play with her. She walked into the kitchen, where Yuffling was eating her lunch, and said “Hi, will you play with me, please?”

“Sure!” said Yuffling.

Yuffling is a grown up, so Smuff could not believe it when Yuffling took out a roll of toilet paper “Let’s have a toilet paper fight.”

Smuff and Yuffling Have A Toilet Paper Fight
This is Smuff the day we had our first toilet paper fight. d:

“What is that?” Smuff asked. Yuffling explained that a toilet paper fight is when you tear off pieces of toilet paper from the roll and throw it at each other, just like you do in a snowball fight. Smuff got excited. She jumped up and down and then said “YES, YES, YES!” She clapped her hands and grabbed a piece of toilet paper from the roll.

“Ready, set, GO!” Yuffling yelled, after they both had a piece of toilet paper in their hands. Yuffling threw the toilet paper at Smuff. The toilet paper missed her and slowly floated to the ground on the other side of Yuffling’s bedroom.

Smuff laughed and garbled up her piece and threw it at Yuffling. To her surprise it landed on her shoulder. Smuff pointed her finger at Yuffling and yelled “I got you!” then she laughed.

Smuff and Yuffling rolled on the floor and laughed until their stomachs hurt. Then Smuff had a brilliant, and silly, idea. She stood up from the floor and picked up both pieces toilet paper. Then she climbed up onto the bed. Right above Yuffling’s bed was a hook hanging from the ceiling. The hook was perfect for her plan.

She reached with the toilet paper pieces as high as she could reach, but the hook was way too high. Then Yuffling wrapped her arms around Smuff’s waist and lifted her up so she could reach the hook.

Smuff hung up the two pieces of toilet paper. Yuffling helped Smuff off the bed, and they both stood in front of the door to admire their decoration. Yuffling put her hands on her hips and said to Smuff “Now we will be able to remember our first toilet paper fight forever.”

Smuff nodded in agreement and gave Yuffling a great big hug. “I hope you will keep it up there” she said.

Yuffling looked into those dark brown eyes and Smuff did a little puppy dog pout. How could Yuffling say no to her? “My room would not be complete without it. I will keep it there forever!” And  that is exactly what she did.

“We have lost track of each other Smuff, but when we meet again, we will have much to talk about and time to make more memories with crazy adventures like this one. I love you, Smuff!”

-Merissa Hatch


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