11 Kid- Friendly Fruits and Veggies From Every Color Of the Rainbow

Image “Vegetable Dog,” By Piotr Siedlecki, http://whoami911.deviantart.com/

This week, we are celebrating Color Week on Merissa Writes, one whole week once a year all about having fun with color. On Monday, I learned about some easy crafts for kids and fun ways to celebrate color week with kids and I shared them with you. Tomorrow may be the beginning of the weekend, but the week is not over yet. What would any great color celebration be without some fun recipes kids can make? So here is a list of some of the most colorful healthy party snacks of all- time. Color week is a great time to teach your kids that fruits and veggies can be just as fun to eat as rainbow cake and french fries!

Most Colorful Vegetables

I know how hard it is to get most kids to eat their veggies, but as I said in my article “4 Reasons To Make Dinner Together,” involving your kids in creating your snacks and dinner will encourage your kids to try them.

  • Cherry tomatoes- RED
  • Baby carrots- ORANGE
  • Yellow bell peppers- YELLOW
  • Broccoli- GREEN
  • Beets- PURPLE

Most Colorful Fruit

Image “Fruit Parfait,” By Cristie Guevara, https://www.etsy.com/shop/DapperBob?ref=hdr_shop_menu

We can’t forget our fruit can we? Every great party needs something sweet. You can use these colorful fruity favorites with your Color Week creative snacks as well:

  • Strawberries- RED
  • Oranges- ORANGE
  • Lemons- YELLOW
  • Kiwi- GREEN
  • Blue berries- BLUE
  • Grapes- PURPLE

3 Fun Recipes Kids Can Make

Now gather all of the most colorful fruits and vegetables you can find and sit down at the table or stand in front of the counter to try some of these easy recipes kids can make:

  1. Rainbow Kabob- Slide as many fruits or vegetables as you want onto some skewers. Make them now and eat them anywhere or anytime.
  2. Food Collage- With all your fruits and veggies, arrange them on a plate to look like a picture. You can make a rainbow, animals or even read a story together and illustrate a scene from the story. Not only will your child enjoy letting their creativity flow free, but they will also learn how much fun it can be to eat their vegetables.

You know how your mom and dad told you not to play with your food? Well throw that thought out! Play is a major part of growing up, and it’s the best way young minds learn, so throw out that old saying and have fun with your veggies right next to your kids. Even you won’t be able to resist! Be creative and don’t forget to get your hands dirty. Are there any colorful fruits and veggies that I have missed? If so, comment below with a list of your favorites and stay tuned for more posts next week!


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