9 Best Ways To Explore Color With Preschoolers

It’s color week on Merissa Writes. This week’s posts will be all about color and fun things to do with it. Below are nine of the best ways to have fun with color. No matter what time of year it is, you can find fun indoor games for kids and fun outdoor games for kids.

Colors -Are-Fun


1. Crayola color game-The Crayola website has a great way to explore colors with your kids online on their “explore colors” page. First you pick your favorite color and then you pick your favorite shade. This is a great way to introduce the concept of shades to your kids.

2. Sort colored candies- Stuck inside the house all day? Get out some brightly colored candies, like M&M’s or Skittles, and have your child sort them, line them up and even make a rainbow. The best part about these types of indoor games for kids is that they are educational and you get to eat them afterward.

3. Play- Doh- Play- doh is often forgotten when it comes to teaching your kids about colors as it is more associated with sensory activities for preschoolers rather than for colors. You can make all sorts of things with Play- Doh. The YouTuber SuishyBall makes some fun and colorful things with Play- Doh. So play, mold, create!


4. Organize your crayon colors by shade- If you have young children, you are sure to have a bunch or crayons, markers and colored pencils in the house. One of my favorite things to do as a child was organize my crayons by color and then by shade. I spent hours first organizing them lightest to darkest, and then darkest to lightest. This is a fun way to keep your kids busy on their own while you get some other things done.

5. Color in a bag- This one of my favorite indoor games for kids because it is both mess- free, and it is a creative way to pass the time. Just put two or three drops of different colored paint in a clear, “zipable” baggy, tape the ends to a table and let your little one squish around the paint with his fingers. Not only is this one of the many great sensory activities for preschoolers about color, but it can also be an introduction to shade and color mixing.


6. Make colored flowers- Have you ever been to the grocery store, or flower shop and seen all those vibrantly colored flowers? Take your son or daughter to get some plain white flowers. Take them home, and put them in a vase with a few drops of your favorite food coloring and watch the petals change colors throughout the week. This is also an easy science experiment for kids.

Colorful-Snow7. Rainbow snow- Use several different spray bottles with water and food coloring to spray the snow outside on those snow- filled winter days. This is fun, even for adults, and it’s a creative way to teach your kids about snow and the way water melts.


8. Rainbow writing tray- Here is an idea that I love and has several ways you can use it. Just tape brightly colored duct tape to the bottom of a shoe box or shoe box lid, pour some salt so that it covers all of the bottom and hand your child a dull pencil or a paint brush and have her write or draw things in the salt. This is a fun way to introduce letter writing to your preschooler. It makes a really good transition from colors and shading to shapes and letters.


9. Food coloring in food- Use a few drops of food coloring in your cookie dough, or make vinilla milk and color it with food coloring. Blue, red and green colored vinilla milk and cookies will always be a kid favorite.

Whatever you do, make sure it is fun for you and your kids. Be creative! Colors are so much fun, even for the grown- ups. If you try any of these ideas, please remember to tweet me (@merissawrites) pictures or comment below about how they work for you. I love to hear from my readers.

I got many of these ideas from Parents.com and learning4kids.net. If you check out their websites, you can find even more fun things to do with color.


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