I Won An Award For My Blog!

Today I was planning to write a post about some of my favorite store bought snack foods that both the adults and the kids will like, but this morning I received an email informing me that I was chosen to receive the Ekone Creative Services 2014 Youth in Media Award. Ekone Creative Services 2014 Youth In Media Award Winner Merissa Hatch TabletIt is a local award given to a young adult or teenager by a radio channel. I received the award for “creativity and self-directed productivity in print, audio and visual media during 2014.” I am so excited and honored to receive this award, so everyone who was involved in the decision process, thank you so much!

KVGD is a local radio station that is just getting started. When I found out they sponsor a monthly open mic, I decided to try it out,. I went for the first time in April and read a short story about Jake Crayly from my last book “Kindergarten Mishaps:The Magic Teacher.” From there I got to learn more about what they do and their goals and that is how they heard about what I have been doing.

The funny thing is that I was given the tablet for winning about a week ago. But, at the time, I did not know why. Then, this morning I got an email explaining about the award, and how I was in the running for it and won! I feel so blessed to have such a huge amount of supporters. I have about 10 Twitter followers, over two dozen followers on Facebook, a growing email list (a confidential one that will NEVER be sold, rented or given out), a bunch of family and an overwhelming amount of people locally all rooting for me. Many of whom have been around since I informed them I wanted to be a writer when I grew up at 7 years old.Ekone Creative Services 2014 Youth In Media Award Winner Merissa Hatch

I CAN’T BELIEVE i WON AN AWARD! Thank you all so much. Without those who read my blog, watch my videos on  YouTube, tweet me and follow me everywhere else, I probably would have quit a LONG time ago!

I do several things online and I have not added all my links to things on my website before, so below are the links to my YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook and other things about me online. Again, thank you KVGD, friends and family. I couldn’t have won anything without you!

TWIITER @merissawrites

FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/merissawrites

YOUTUBE http://youtube.com/memie580

A LINK TO THE AWARD http://fm98620lp.gorgelink.org/blog/?x=entry:entry150119-075412

I am thinking about getting a snapchat and an instagram, so let me know in the comments below if you think I should.

Also, post in the comments the name of an award or honor you would like to win someday and why. I can’t wait to see all you answers.  🙂


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