Merissa Writes Goals, Change and Branding

Over the past several months, I have been working very hard on creating a blog which is a platform for me to write, and also a place for parents and caregivers to find great ideas to keep their kids active and creative. I have not written for about a month because first I got strep throat, then I badly sprained my ankle and two days later I got sick with bronchitis. All of these things have happened since Thanksgiving day. Needless to say, I was starting to feel pretty down. But even though many of you have not heard from me for a long time, I have been using the past month to think about how I want to structure my business of writing, who my audience is, what I want to do and why. This week, I have been researching and learning a lot about both myself, and how to run my business.

First things first: WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?

I want to create a website that brings parents and kids together to enhance their bond, encourage kids to get off the television and video games and encourage parents to have a blast while their kids are young.


I will be actively involved with children and parents. I plan to babysit and nanny to get opportunity to be inspired to write my books for children, but also to learn some of the struggles involved with actively playing with kids. (How can I write about something I have not experienced and give you my best ideas)?

I have noticed a lot of people blog about their day care so that they will gain more clients. I intend to do the opposite (I guess I am just an opposite kind of person). My main business will be my blog and children’s stories.


A few months ago, I interviewed for a content writing job for a photography company. One thing that I was told was how important branding is to any business. That conversation got me thinking a lot about the things I want people to say when they see something I create.

I have a lot of interests and hobbies that I love to teach to children and families. My number one priority is that I stay unique in whatever I do. Imagine a patchwork quilt with all different colors, shapes and sizes; that is the sort of brand that I want. I am in the process of learning about branding because when you read something I write, or see something I draw, I want you to think ” Well, she’s just all over the place.”

I have not figured out exactly how everything will work, but I know that takes a lot of trial and error. Understanding my own brand is still a work in progress, keeping on a posting schedule, researching keywords and building an audience are all things I will keep working on and learning about till I am done, which is never. But I hope this clears up my goals for all of you awesome fans who care about me and what I am doing. Thanks, everyone!

-Merssa Hatch


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