BENTON; And Other Things I Am Thankful For

Today, some of my best friends had to put their dog of ten years down. He started getting sick on Halloween and was diagnosed with diabetes, which is common for schnauzers, I guess. I was attached to him as well since I was his dog sitter for most of his life. But it got me thinking about being thankful, and how much I take the people and pets in my life for granted. I think that is something we are all thinking about.
It is getting close to Thanksgiving, and I want to  let everyone I love know how greatful I feel to have them in my life. This one is for Ben: 2002-2014…


B uddy 4 life
E xcitable!
N  ew experience
T ough guy
O n FIRE!!! (Or so he thinks, haha)
N o nonsense



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