Why I Think “Frozen” Is the Best Disney Movie Ever!

Frozen CoverFrozen is a 2013 Disney fairy tale based off of the popular Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) is the older sister of Ana (voiced by Kristen Bell), who are both the princesses of Arendelle. Elsa was born with a mysterious power to create snow with her hands and feet. Elsa is told never to tell anyone that she has the powers, because the king and queen believed it could put others in grave danger. But when Elsa and Ana’s mother and father die while traveling to another land, Ana finds out Elsa’s secret. This causes Elsa to get scared and accidentally create an eternal winter throughout Arendelle. After Elsa runs away in fear, Ana, a pessimistic ice salesman named Kristoff (voice by Jonathan Groff) and a naive, silly little snowman named Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) travel up some mountains to find her.

There are so many reasons that I love this movie. Surprisingly, most of them have nothing to do with the animation or the special effects. Almost every Disney fairy tale is all about finding “true love,” that special someone who will swoop in and save the heroine. Frozen is the first Disney Fairy Tale I have seen that very clearly defines what “true love” is and is not. It does not just limit “true love” to a boy and a girl, or a husband and a wife. In fact, the movie has almost nothing to do with any of that stuff. It shows how the bond between two sisters, and other family members can also be considered “true love.” There is so much to love about this movie that I could not possibly make a complete list of all the reasons. But I do have time to tell you my favorites!

  1. Clearly defines “love”- Toward the end of the movie Olaf, the snowman very clearly says that “Love is when you put someone else’s needs before your own.” Ana said that she did not know the meaning of the word “love,” and I think that was just one of the incredibly touching things Olaf says.
  2. Everyone has flaws- In most of the Disney classic movies, you will notice that the heroine has almost no flaws. Even the ones that she does have would be hard for a child to notice. The movie does not pull any punches when is bluntly says that “everyone has flaws.” That is what the trolls sing about when Ana and Kristoff ask them how to fix things.
  3. More Realistic- When Ana meets a prince at the ball celebrating Elsa’s coming of age, he asks for her hand in marriage. Being the naive fifteen or sixteen year old that she is, Ana says “yes.” When Ana and the prince come to Elsa for her blessing, Elsa says that she can not marry someone she just met. Getting to know whomever you marry is a theme throughout most of the movie. I think this gives young girls a much more realistic idea of what it means to be “in love” and the kind of commitment marriage takes. Frozen-Screen-Shot
  4. Jokes for everyone- One thing that I have always loved about Disney movies is that their are always little things the characters say or do that are funny just for the older viewers, and this movie is no different! Some of the jokes are funny for the whole family, some are just funny to the kids, and some of them will probably fly over the kid’s heads. Like usual, Disney has created a movie with a great balance of jokes for all different age groups.
  5. Great Music- Frozen is a musical, and like many Disney musicals, the songs are really catchy, and can easily be enjoyed by the whole family. Many of the songs from Frozen still play on the radio to this day, even though it came out in the theater almost a year ago. The song “Let It Go,” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” seem to be the most popular out of all the rest, but it is not hard to find all of them on iTunes or the Google Play Store. I have “Let It Go” on iPhone, and listen to it often.

When I think of Disney Classic Fairy Tale, I think of a story about a princess, an evil queen or king, and a charming prince that swoops in to save the day just in the nick of time. As a young girl, I did not realize how most of that stuff never happens in real life. I was amazed to find that Frozen talked about what it really means to love someone, and how to do it. You’d think a movie like that would not be a very good fairy tale, but obviously it can if it is done right!


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