How I Organize My ‘Crafts For Kids’ Supplies

A simple way to organize your kids craft supplies
A simple way to organize your kids craft supplies

As a caretaker of kids full time, I know how exhausting it can be to set up an art project with your little ones. I scramble from one closet to the next trying to find all the things we will need. Meanwhile, Janet is kicking and screaming because she wants to paint and it is time to play with play- doh. Jonathan is following me everywhere I go, because he has decided that now is the perfect time to play 21 questions. And about every 10 seconds I can hear Billy hollering from the kitchen table, reminding me that he wants the color green. I get frustrated when this happens, and I know that I am not alone. That is why I spent about three hours organizing my kids craft closet so that everything is in one place and easy to access.

  • Separate the supplies that can be used without your permission- When I was organizing my craft supply closet, I put the things that are most dangerous, or make the biggest mess above a child’s eye level. Not only will this detour the kids from trying to reach the more dangerous supplies, but I also figure “out of site, out of mind,” right? *kind of
  • Separate commonly used items from rarely used items- I use a lot of glue, construction paper, markers, crayons and scissors, so I put those in the places that easiest to get to. I use stickers, paint and play-doh with kids the least, so I usually put those in toward the back of the craft closet.
  • Keep all your recyclables in one spot- I keep all the recyclables I can for crafts with the kids. I also have some of my friends who are keeping recyclables for me, as well. When I have an empty cereal or snack box, I condense it, and put it them all in one paper bag. I keep all my empty containers right next to each other, and any miscellaneous recyclables I just toss in one big box.

    Try to keep all like recyclables together.
    Try to keep all like recyclables together.
  • Allow unlimited access to something ‘artsy’- I like to keep one box of crayons and one coloring book near the kids toy box or someplace they can reach anytime. This way, if they get in the mood to ‘get crafty,’ they will not be so tempted to get into the messier craft supplies without permission.

I like to keep kids busy by getting creative, and believe that you can easily turn anything creative into something educational. It is nice to have easy access to all my supplies for when the kids are getting ‘antsy.’


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