I Want To Write What I Love

I have made a decision! I know that I have not posted in a really long time. I have been spending time with family, and getting my week “organized,” again. I tend to dread times when I have to use the computer. Mine is very, very old, and very, very slow. But, patience is a virtue, right? The good news is that I have decided to write on my blog, but with a slight twist. Lately, I have been using this blog to show potential clients my writing style and abilities. I have not really written about things that I am passionate about. Aside from Greyhound Ministries, I have two passions, making fun, creative and educational things for children and writing entertaining stories for children and families. I like boldly colored web pages, with lots of “bubbly” letters and shapes.

So I have made a decision. My decision is to write about things that I love and am passionate about on my blog. I am going to “revamp” my website so that it is attractive to both kids, and parents of young children. I will still occasionally write about grammar and spelling, but I want to add a tab for children’s book reviews, short children’s stories, craft, and game ideas and links to my favorite websites for kids and families. There will be a tab for my store (which is not super full right now).

I have made a decision to write about things that I love. Something that I can be excited to wait for my slow- loading computer to boot for! Want to make the decision to do what you LOVE with me?


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